Warpaint + Brian Wilson on Jools Holland

My musical tv highlight of last weekend? No, not the Eurovision (Jedward's somersaults were impressive), but Warpaint on Later with Jools Holland. I must say I wasn't fully convinced by their debut album on this side of the world, The fool, which came out last year. It certainly had some great moments, of which Elephants was one of the best. I haven't seen the band live though and they look like they could be a different proposition in the flesh. The rhythm section look like they really mean it, for one thing.

By the way, Brian Wilson was on the same show. I love the man but I just don't think he should sing in public any more. I find myself slightly on edge watching him, as if he might fall off the stool any minute. Other than that, he and band (same one as played in Cork some years ago, made up of most of The Wondermints I believe) played a stirring version of Good Vibrations. However, the highlight was a shot of Warpaint dancing along to it, oblivious to the cool police. Those girls have style.


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