Crystal Stilts - In love with oblivion (Fortuna Pop)

Crystal Stilts - In love with oblivion (Fortuna Pop)

As I've said before, this is a special band. Among the many delights on this record, you will find: the great oscillating bassline of Sycamore tree; the Byrdsian shimmer of Silver sun; the swirling Animals-esque organ of Shake the shackles (which somehow also sounds, thrillingly, like early Go-Betweens); the stomping reverb guitar hook of Precarious stair, eventually submerged under an authentic garage rock beat; the fantastic tambourine and organ rush of Half a moon; the VU-ish John Cale piano+Lou Reed guitar thrash of Prometheus at large; the couldn't-give-a-fuck vocals of Brad Hargett while all around him musical fireworks go off. And finally, the mention of Bo Diddley in an interview from 2009 (below) reminds me that the wonderful Blood barons is a runaway train BD beat. This is a brilliant album.

Free d'load of Through the floor

Through the floor -


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