Field Music – A new town (Memphis Industries, single)

The Brewis brothers pick up from where they left off with 2010’s mini-epic double album (Measure), with this first single and tantalising taster from the upcoming Plumb. This tune takes a thread from its predecessor in the form of a twitchy, insinuating guitar riff and shuffling drumbeat, but distinguishes itself with some lovely prog stylings and the sound of gurgling water. Field music, as the man said.

*You'll have to take my word on the above as a listening link is not yet available, but here's the equally infectious (I keep thinking about) A new thing to tide you through.

Field Music - (I Keep Thinking About) A New Thing by memphisindustries

**Here tis now, glorious.


  1. hi.
    thank you for the blog, very interesting and lots of great discoveries.
    do you accept submissions from artists?

  2. thanks and yes indeed. find me on facebook under /theundergroundofhappiness and pm me, we'll take it from there


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