Hooded Fang on Full Time Hobby

Been enjoying listening to new Full Time Hobby signings Hooded Fang, from Toronto. They released their second album, Tosta Mista, on Daps Records in Canada last year, it'll be available this side of the Atlantic in March. FTH are giving away a free download of album track ESP through their website on this link


or directly on soundcloud here.

Hooded Fang - ESP by fulltimehobby

It's like a jumpy 60's garage Nugget dug out of the archives, with a fantastic fuzz bass and unexpectedly (but brilliantly) smooth pop vocal. Below is another album track, the equally great Highway steam, which had me from the second the triumphant ascending trumpet line kicked in.

Check the rest of the album on soundcloud here, it's well worth your time.



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