Jon DeRosa - A wolf in preacher's clothes (Rocket Girl)

We had a track from Jon DeRosa on the show this week, the gorgeous single 'Birds of Brooklyn'. The whole album is an absolute treat - if you like a good croon, you'll love it. Listen back to it on the podcast, it's Track 5, about 20 minutes in.

The songwriting throughout the album is sturdy as well as poetic, though, making for a strong combination with the delicate orchestral arrangements - it's why, beyond the voice, Scott Walker is a valid reference point. 'Snow coffin', 'Teenage goths', 'Hollow Earth Theory', there are too many memorable songs to single out. There's also a cover of the Blue Nile song 'Easter Parade' and this bruised ballad in waltz time. Plenty more from the album to come on the show over the coming weeks.


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