Playlist 243 - Nov 13 2012

We started the show this week with XTC from an album I only picked up again over the weekend, having "lost" it years ago, the great Apple Venus. River of orchids is such a strange but uplifting piece of music, Andy Partidge's vocal is brilliantly unhinged.

There's a new Hauschka remix album out in the new year, we had Michael Mayer's lovely, slow building house re-do of Radar. He's the head of the Kompakt label, based in Cologne, and with Hauschka/Volker Bertelmann from Dusseldorf, that's an axis of current German electronic music right there.

Jon DeRosa was back again with the gorgeous Snow coffin, the most moving anti-war song in a long time (at least I think I detect a war comment in it). Get Well Soon also in there, with another epic piece of orchestral, sweeping pop music, using Italian 60s/70s film music as his (Konstantin Gropper) drawing board, Rota, Argento, Morricone and the like.

Also TOPS' nice New Wave sound, Seti The First with another sublime pseudo soundtrack piece from their great Melting cavalry album, some gripping psych pop from Todd Tobias, Dirty Projectors doing soul, Peter Broderick doing gospel.

And Little Annie & Baby Dee (pictured above) with a wonderful slice of Weimar cabaret from their superb new album, State of grace - it's all lithe piano, a lived-in voice and a lyric that remembers lost friends. Simply stunning.

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Playlist 243
Tues Nov 13 2012
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XTC - River of orchids
Satellites - Railway line
Hauschka - Radar (Michael Mayer remix)
Hauschka - Ping
Get Well Soon - The last days of Rome
Jon DeRosa - Snow coffin
TOPS - Turn your love around (radio edit)
Todd Tobias - Crystal Palace people
Seti The First - La bassinette noir
Dirty Projectors - Impregnable question
Peter Broderick - Proposed solution to the mystery of the soul
Little Annie & Baby Dee - Angels gone before
Sylvain Chauveau - Au nombre des choses (from the soundtrack of the dance performance Au nombre des choses)

*next week's show features more music from Little Annie & Baby Dee, French Pop from Les Chats Sauvages, The Loved Drones, I am Ampersand, Rue Royale & Kemper Norton among others

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