Playlist 245 - Nov 27 2012

I’m always interested to know where (geographically) music comes from – on this week’s show, it came from Canterbury, Liege, London, Brooklyn, Paris, Sheffield, Manchester, Swindon, Berlin and Cinncinatti. Where (philosophically, creatively) it comes from is another matter… More Sone Institute (A model life), XTC (Apple Venus), Wires Under Tension, Little Annie & Baby Dee, Wussy, Laetitia Sadier, Richard Hawley (Irish Tour next week) & Peter Broderick. Plus for the first time, The Loved Drones (drifting psych pop), Jacqueline Taleb (Beginner's Guide to French Pop compilation), Milk Maid (like a shoegazey Big Star), Eat Lights, Become Lights (furious krautrock backbeat), Syd Arthur (jazz folk feel) and Daphni, which is actually Caribou/Dan Snaith under a different name, with some lovely, loose and soulful house music. And Melody’s Echo Chamber to finish, a pop tune so perfect I think I’d rank it up there with Downtown, the Petula Clark version, in other words an all time classic. Yes, it’s that good.
More on these on the blog, take a look/listen around.

The Underground of Happiness
uplifting pop music of every creed

Playlist 245
Tues Nov 27 2012
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Sone Institute - M'Ling
The Loved Drones - Cosmic memories (Souvenirs cosmiques)
XTC - Easter theatre
Wires Under Tension - Crystal beaches
Little Annie & Baby Dee - Angels gone before
Jacqueline Taleb - Bonjour Brésil
Richard Hawley - Seek it (playing Savoy Theatre, Cork, Dec 6, w/ John Smith; and touring)
Laetitia Sadier - Find me the pulse of the universe
Milk Maid - Youe neck around mine
Wussy - Vivian girls
Eat Lights, Become Lights - Bound for Magic Mountain
Peter Broderick - Proposed solution to the mystery of the soul (Touring & support w/ Efterklang)
Syd Arthur - Dorothy
Daphni - Yes I know
Melody's Echo Chamber - I follow you

*next week's show features more music from FU, Zammuto, Adrian Crowley, Balthazar, Cat Power, & Yo La Tengo, among others

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