Circus Devils feat Robert Pollard – All the good ones are gone (Hidden Shoal)

Circus Devils are Todd Tobias, his brother Tim and longtime collaborator Robert Pollard. Pollard adds vocals and of course his unmistakeable, timeworn tones would sound intriguing reading the phonebook. Here a haunting, repeating piano pattern and some synth atmospherics are the only backdrop to a typically surreal tale, making for a memorable psych pop diversion.

crossing no examination still
better down no lecture on the will
in victory they lunch
not a bad one in the bunch

The forthcoming album from which it is taken, which is also the soundtrack to a film directed by Todd Tobias called I Razor, should be well worth a look see.

*For some reason, something about this also reminds me of early Waterboys. For me that's a good thing too. Free download here.


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