Fuxa – Frequencies for physical, mental and spiritual healing (Rocket Girl)

Every now and again, you hear a piece of music that makes it clear the maker is not in the game just for cheap thrills (to be clear, we’re completely in favour of those too, everything in its right place). This is one of those records, from the legend that is Randall Niemann of Detroit, aka Fuxa.

The highpoint for me is ‘Mary’, a tribute to the late Mary Hansen of Stereolab, who died some years back; Fuxa and The Lab were partners in crime back in the day. It takes a rippling synth pulse, Cluster style, and adds an organ melody to give momentum, depth and so much feeling. It’s church music, it’s cosmic, a little bit sacred, a pastoral lament. It’s one of the most beautiful things in music this year.

*To seal the deal, it is followed with ‘Amen’, a kind of slowed-down Spiritualized boogie (in fact Jonny Mattock, sometimes of that parish, plays drums on the track) with a lovely playful undertone.


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