Playlist 276 - July 23 2013 - Mid Year Review 2013

Just catching up on a bit of housekeeping after being away, including a couple of playlists from the end of July. This one is a round up of some of my favourite music of 2013 so far. I say some because an hour wouldn't come near to fitting all of it - I might look at a standalone podcast to cover the rest. Stay tuned.

Anyway, what's in here. Well two "Cork" bands to start, O Emperor and The Altered Hours, that is two bands based in the city but originally from other places (an interesting feature of the Cork music scene at the moment that) who have both issued notable independent releases this year - an album and EP respectively - and are blazing a trail in front of them in terms of live shows. You'll find reviews/interviews/more info on the blog on both, in fact on all of the below.

For now, I'll leave the rest for listening. Come end of year, I'll look at writing some words on each again. Enjoy.

Mid Year Review w/ O Emperor,The Altered Hours,Eat Lights Become Lights,Julia Kent, V.O.,April March by Theundergroundofhappiness on Mixcloud

1. O Emperor – Holy fool

2. The Altered Hours - Sweet Jelly Roll

3. Eat Lights Become Lights – Modular living

4. The Last Sound – Into something

5. John Parish – The girls rehearse (from the soundtrack of the film Little Black Spiders)

6. Nancy Elizabeth – The last battle

7. Amor de Dias – Voice in the rose

8. Peter Delaney – Sleep, nausea

9. William Tyler – Geography of nowhere

10. Cat Dowling – Come on

11. April March & Aquaserge – Des tics et des tocs

12. Pieter Nooten – Here is light I

13. Julia Kent – Nina and Oscar

14. Here Is Your Temple – Once rich

15. The National – Demons

16. V.O. – When you see red


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