Playlist 343 - Feb 10 2015

A few new releases from Fire Records this week, all great. Death & Vanilla are a Swedish duo with many strings to their bow, one of which is gorgeous haunted psych pop songs, bathed in reverb. Noveller makes epic instrumentals with one guitar. And Surf City are a sunny upbeat psych outfit from Auckland. Get into it.

I'm also in love with Marker Starling this week, giving out about husbands on tour misbehaving, AM rock faintly reminiscient of Steely Dan but with beautiful reed and wind backing. There's Natalie Prass given full baroque orchestral treatment.

New music from The Great Balloon Race, great shifting prog pop, their 2nd album is due out soon. Myles Manley, someone pay him what he's worth ffs (but ironically if he was paid what he's worth, he might not produce killer tunes like this). Cat Palace, what a wonderful singing voice that man has.

And The Drink musing on narcolepsy - "a petit maaaaaaaaaaaaaal".

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Feb 10 2015 w/ Death & Vanilla,Marker Starling,Natalie Prass,Noveller,Great Balloon Race,Troyka++ by The Underground Of Happiness on Mixcloud

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Playlist 343
Tues Feb 10 2015
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Stephen Steinbrink – Synesthetic ephemera (playing Waiting Room, London, Feb 22)
Death & Vanilla – California Owls
Marker Starling - Husbands
Natalie Prass - Christy (playing Cork Opera House, Mar 3, w/ Ryan Adams)
Noveller – No unholy mountain (playing Levitation Festival, Chicago, Mar 13)
The Great Balloon Race – Why meddle?
Troyka – Seahouses (playing Richmix, London, Feb 12)
Silver Servants - Lopsided
Last Harbour – Before the ritual
Keith Mead – Polite refusal
Cat Palace – This delight
The Drink – Microsleep
Myles Manley – Pay me what I’m worth (playing The Beerhouse, Capel St, Dublin, Feb 27)
Surf City - Beat the summer heat

*next week’s show will feature music from Grasscut, Bjork & This is the Kit, among others

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Death And Vanilla - 'California Owls' from fire records on Vimeo.


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