Rozi Plain – Actually (Lost Map Records)

Another beautiful semi-folk cut from the Winchester native ahead of her third album due out in May.

Firstly, a giant bass drone rumbles along like some kind of oversized sidewinder, shuffling clicking percussion at arm’s length.

The first enigmatic lines – “It will be reported to be a difficult year, a tumultuous year.”

Then the gorgeous high tone punctuation of a singalong vintage synth line, eyes fixed on the stars.

Each lyric line has this cosmic release, the groove rolling along underneath as the plot (something concerning familes, relatives, something ancient, possibly archetypal) works through.

Until a crescendo – “Don’t get over it, this is actually it” - the vocal rising in harmonies into a higher register for extra emphasis.

Then it fizzes out in just 3 minutes, short and snappy as a pop song. It has more in common with kosmische than pop or even folk. You might feel the urge to dance to it although maybe slower than you’re used to.

An exultation amid intrigue, a questioning probing somewhat cautionary tone.

In all a fabulous uplifting reshaping of folk music.


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