Deradoorian – A beautiful woman (Anticon)

Where pop music makes room for euphoric vocal innovations with the grace of Eastern and African musics and the adventurousness of the avant garde.

From one of the key voices of the best Dirty Projectors output, also Avey Tare, Flying Lotus, Vampire Weekend and more.

While the killer singing may hit you first here listen out too for the wonderfully lithe backbeat with groovy rolling bassline. It’s the perfect surging counterpoint to the stratospheric glide of the voices.

The birdsong back of the throat effect that adorns every chorus intro is my current favourite. There’s just no chaining it down.

It is a fantastic fucking racket all round.

And get full value for every inch of those syncopations with this live film as Angel and her sister Arlene lay down a series of interlocking drumbeats and handclaps before singing live with little more than a Hofner bass for company. It’s positively thrilling stuff. (And if you’re into things that look cool well it scores highly on that scale too.)


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