Totally Mild – The next day (from the album Down Time, Fire Records)

There’s something about Elizabeth Mitchell’s voice.

While singing these lines -

I’m in bed and I never want to go outside again

she sounds like she’s drifting off into sentimental or even mildly ecstatic reverie.

The voice is billed as falsetto. I’m not sure it is exactly but I’m sure it’s pitched just above the shelf of full throated. Delicately poised.

Meanwhile the genius guitar line forms a duet with it in the spiral staircase chorus.

Thereafter the rhythm section pulls the neat trick of leaving out half the beats.

With the twined guitar and posied at an angle voice this has the wonderful effect of slowing you right down to the pace of the song as it stretches its limbs. Twould nearly make you want to up sticks to Melbourne.

It is languid and altogether very very lovely.


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