JR Green – Nigerian Princess (from Bring the witch doctor EP, Hits The Fan Records)

A most welcome addition to the canon of foul mouthed folk music from a pair of teenage Scottish brothers.

A rowdy acoustic guitar and an accordion carry most of this but there’s not a hint of The Proclaimers you’ll be glad to hear (in fairness, I suppose the Reid brothers aren’t the worst, but ‘500 Miles’ does still give me the night sweats).

There’s winning melodies at every turn and a great rough croon of a lead vocal but I think what I like best are the fantastic lyrical chops. Take this gem for example -

I’m sorry for my output I’m surrounded by wankers
I’m only 17 and I don’t have all the answers...yet

Yeah, bit of a punk spirit, or “low-fi traditional skronk” as they put it themselves.

Top notch all round and like Frightened Rabbit, who were also launched by Hits the Fan, you wouldn’t rule out stadiums for them.


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