Kodiak Deathbeds - Kodiak Deathbeds (Affairs of the Heart)

Elegaic collection of late night love songs from a duo made up of Amber Webber (Black Mountain, Lightning Dust) and Derek Fudesco (Pretty Girls Make Graves, The Cave Singers).

Barely strummed guitars and Webber’s soft world weary vocals make a great match in songs taking stock of life with a bittersweet but quietly determined eye.

It’s hard to beat the slow building emotion of the opening pair of songs, ‘Never change’ and ‘Wild hearts’.

The first in particular digs deep into the end of a relationship with raw details underneath the brilliantly unshowy vocal harmonies – “this is lasting too long for me, being around to see your fading words, stare out windows when it’s pouring rain, we’ve got our histories to blame but they’ll never change”.

The latter introduces a startling harmony which throws a gorgeous gospel hue over the country stylings.

A deceptively low key and beautiful record.


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