Pure Bathing Culture – Pray for rain (from the album Pray for rain, Memphis Industries)

This song is a particularly lovely dose of deceptively dreamy dream pop, featuring the bell clear vocal tones of Sarah Versprille and the very tasty and hard to pin down arpeggio guitar lines of Daniel Hindman.

Things are nice and swirly until this lyric cuts to the heart of the matter - “are you cut in two, cut all the way through” – and the melody is likely to do just that to you as well.

It’s one of those memorable pop meta-moments, when you realise a song is describing your emotional reaction to it.

From the album, try also the irresistible electro pop of ‘Palest pearl’ and the wonderful circling tune of ‘Darling, save us’. And don’t stop there. There’s also the sweltering ballad ‘Singer’, a loping rhythm that pulls you right in. And more pop gold in the shape of ‘She shakes’, another tune you can’t escape and a great lightness of touch and a swing to it.

It’s an album that grows with every listen and gets its hooks in you while you thought you were being wrapped up in a hazy dream.

It also makes for a very endearing type of blue eyed soul, full of heart with a vulnerable edge.

It’s top drawer pop music basically.


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