Brigid Mae Power – It’s clearing now (from the s/t album, Tompkins Square)

A thoroughly spellbinding piece of somnolent meandering folk music from the Galway singer recorded with Peter Broderick in Oregon.

A simple guitar strum at walking pace, a chord and a half, a soaring reedy voice pure and bracing as a north wind (if the wind was a reedy thing).

Later bending violins making eyes at Bollywood (well if it was contemplative rather than frisky). Rushes of swirling backing vocals.

It’s a thousand yard drone that you realise was a waltz in another life before being replayed in slow motion with an ancient stoic voiceover.

The voice up close – insistent, deep, nonchalant somehow. Touched by something.

Gripping drama and texture.

A wonderful creation.


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