Whitney – No woman (from the album Light upon the lake, Secretly Canadian)

You’ll have heard this song by now. The downbeat perfectly appointed antidote to all those windy male singing buffoons. Like a white soul Midlake. A little bit stoned and all seeing for that.

Some kind of wisdom in these deceptively banal words -

“I left drinking on the city train
To spend some time on the road”

Whether you go with “feral indie bros” (The Guardian) or “Neil Young guesting with The Band” (that was me) or some other line, you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with. The dappled electric piano intro. The high tone male semi falsetto. The unbeatable twisting guitar part. The stoic banks of trumpets. The swooning fiddle. The general country soul swing and amiability.

A beguiling mix.


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