Kevin Murphy – Don’t forget me

The second album from the ex-pat Corkman is another smouldering collection of wracked love songs.

Defiant acoustic guitars which started out as folk underpin a sweet lovelorn croon layered in sublime harmonies while crisp r‘n’b (as opposed to RnB) backbeats provide matter of fact punctuation.

The club comedown feel of ‘You can fall into my arms’ with its bass drum pulse a quickening heartbeat.

The gathering gloom of ‘I am swimming’ more of a drowning song than a swimming song under the weight of vocal layers.

The wonderful vocal of ‘My own cruel reception’ a fragile thing keeping itself afloat on its own breath.

A heart wrenched recording of love and loss.

It all adds up to the intriguing prospect of Irish folk music made to collide with post club soul melancholy.


  1. Love everything you do Kev! Really love all your songs, your lyrics! "You can fall into my arms" has a special place in my heart!


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