Howe Gelb – A book you’ve read before (From the album Future Standards, Fire Records)

A captivating tune from Howe Gelb as he goes back (to the future?) to a piano trio format and back to the atmosphere of the standards he grew up with.

He also hooks up here with Lonna Kelley, often time associate of Gelb’s and duetter on ‘Pen to paper’ from the last Giant Sand record, Heartbreak Pass, one of the most glorious vocal performances ever committed to record I still believe.

There’s a narcotic effect to this dual vocal, sleepy and late night. But though steeped in later years nostalgia, there’s a satisfying knottiness to the lyric that keeps pulling you back to wide awake.

Love was just a just reward
just not the thing that your heart could ill afford

A beautiful intimate late night experience, this.

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