Efterklang in Cork

As you know, Efterklang are playing in Cork this coming weekend, at the Savoy Theatre, Saturday night July 30th. And by the sounds of this, from the Efterklang website, it will be very special.

"Efterklang+Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra is a special 17 piece band that debuted at the Cross Linx festival tour in February earlier this year. It is the 7-piece Efterklang live band with Daniel James (of Canon Blue) on guitar, Heather Broderick on piano and Peter Broderick on vibes and steel drum. And then we have the brilliant Icelandic composer Daniel Bjarnason on Rhodes and then you add a saxophone quartet, a brass quartet and a classic percussionist. This all turns into Efterklang + Daniel Bjarnason & Their Messing Orchestra. We will be playing Efterklang songs with arrangements for the Messing Orchestra by Daniel Bjarnason."

Sounds fantastic on paper, says you, and here's a taste or two of what it might sound like in the flesh (also from the Efterklang website).

And here's a fan's eye view from that Cross Linx Festival in Rotterdam earlier in the year.

This event is all part of The Reich Effect Festival, which is organised by Cork Opera House to celebrate 75 years of Steve Reich, and has one almighty lineup. Up the Rebels.


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