St Vincent - First song off new album

Rejoice! The first track is now available from the upcoming third St Vincent album, Strange Mercy. The album comes out in September on 4AD. You can get your digital hands on Surgeon now in exchange for your e-mail address at

It features lots of woozy synths and what sound like cut-and-paste guitars, as well as the memorable opening line, "I spent the summer on my back". It also sounds like Annie Clark has been listening to some dirty funk music since the last album.

You can view some fairly strange video teasers on that site too, including one where Ms Clark, as well as several other beautiful women, deliver some of the most polite, delicious, crushing rejections ever to camera. It's disconcerting and intriguing at the same time, quite like her music actually.

And to get us even more in the mood for the new album, here's the video for Laughing with a mouth of blood from her last album Actor. It showcases her irreverent brand of feminism and her wonderful guitar playing, wrapped in a swooning string arrangement.

This is also great, her vocal on Beck's INXS project from last year. One vocal take apparently. By the way, that's Sergio Dias of Os Mutantes playing bass - very cool.

And just in case you have the impression she's a bit one-dimensional, check out this scorching live guitar performance on a cover of John Lennon's Beatle song Dig a pony. What a woman.


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