Seán O'Hagan + Van Dyke Parks

As an interesting adjunct to the Van Dyke Parks post last month, surprising news now of a Skype conversation between VDP and Seán O'Hagan of High Llamas. No connection to the fast-developing News International phone hacking scandal here, the news was revealed by the Llamas' label Drag City. (By the way, the Drag City monthly newsletter is one of the most entertaining mailshots going, I recommend you sign up without delay.) Here's the video.

A few things of note.
VDP's conversational style is as meandering and quixotic as his wonderful back catalogue. This is a man who you don't want to stick to the point.
The time delay on Skype creates awkward pauses.
Seán mentions in the first few minutes the anti-government public protest march in London, which he'd attended that day. This prompts VDP to muse on the role of government in society. Forget David Norris. Can we give this man Irish citizenship and get him running in the Irish presidential election? Cultural icon, he is. (Seán O'Hagan is pretty cool too.)


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