Ariel Pink – Put your number in my phone (4AD)

More gloriously poignant/vaguely unsettling jangle pop from the pink-haired one. He may have dropped the Haunted Graffiti but the killer 80s-inflected tunes keep coming.

In among the irresistible chiming guitars, the massed banks of synths over a heartfelt “baby” and the superb touch of a girl’s gently pleading message on his voicemail, I find myself returning again and again to the genius staccato of the chorus bassline. It seems to tap out a morse code of hope and love from Ariel to the world.

And apart from that being exactly what the world needs now, it is such a beautiful thing.

*As is his wont, the video is likely to take the poignant edge off the tune for you, opting instead to creep you the fuck out.


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