Rachael Dadd – Strike our scythes / Rozi Plain – Jogalong (Split Single, Lost Map Records)

A brilliant declaration of progressive folk values from two of Britain’s most distinctive contemporary voices, and regulars on the show's playlists over the last few years.

Rachael Dadd brings ukulele strums, shakers (in fact a box of matches apparently) and a loping drumbeat with a charm-the-pants-off-you chorus vocal line from the Kate Bush school (“ca-ca-co-co-yup”) to an uplifting worksong.

In Rozi Plain’s case, her signature syncopated guitar, softly insistent backbeat, a glorious kosmische synth line and a bank of celestial harmonies develop an eminently danceable groove, perfect for the stoic nostalgia of the lyric.

One sprightly and bouncy, the other a sort of motorik murmuring. Put together, they make an intriguing yin and yang.

It’s all most beguiling and joyous and, in short, very classy pop music.


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