Essie Jain, new songs

You know the way there are some things in the world that are almost too beautiful? Well two new songs from English-born-but-New-York-based Essie Jain fall into this category. Via the Dig for Fire website.

Essie Jain: Stand In The Light from Dig For Fire on Vimeo.

Essie Jain: Indefinable from Dig For Fire on Vimeo.

Jesus, I could listen to that all day. It's glorious. There's a kind of fragile quality about the music, but not gratuitously so - it's perfectly in keeping with the themes and arrangements of the songs. And not so wispy that it might disappear if you touched it either. Earthy, more adult.

I had in mind to post something about Essie for a while, since she brought out her last album of children's lullabies on her own label, Light in the Morning. This is from last January, on these pages.

Essie Jain - Until the light of morning (Light of Morning)
Already loved in the UOH bunker (one of my albums of last year before it was even released). No frills, it's primal and straightforward stuff, this, and all the more beautiful for it. An album of lullabies featuring uncluttered rhythms (waltzes are prominent) around simple guitar and piano figures, with a single voice (mostly). But what a voice, an upper register landing somewhere between folk and classical - reassuring, soothing, cerebral somehow. Look no further than the sublime Lay down or What a big wide world. Perfect for children, and susceptible adults.

Film by Carolina Melis

Essie Jain | What a big Wide World | Light Of Morning from Carolina Melis on Vimeo.

Film by Nathalie Johns at Dig for Fire

Film by Kevin de Wilde at

Sublime is the word alright. The kind of music that The Underground of Happiness was created for, as a matter of fact. Do yourself a favour and get hold of that album on Essie's website - it's life-changing stuff and goes far beyond something that's only good for putting children to sleep.


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