Scott Solter – One river (Hidden Shoal)

We mentioned last month the lead track from this album (first released in 2005 on Tell All Records), from the man who is one half of American experimental pop duo Boxharp. Its seven instrumental tracks run continuously, proceeding at glacial pace - turning, shifting, transforming in a slow, deliberate melt. Textures derive from guitar and synth smears, as well as tape manipulations and field recordings, producing a symphony of heart-tugging power. Overall, there is a pastoral rather than an industrial feel, with the humming and groaning and rumbling of the natural world being evoked. It would be wrong to single out one track over another – you need to hear this river in flow. Suffice to say, this is an ambient work of sublime beauty.

*As a post-script, Mark and Laura Solter have put together a wonderful piece of film to accompany the entire album. It's called Twins and Wives, it's a series of stately tableaux (of rural and nature scenes mostly) and you can watch it here.


  1. it's a great piece of work
    check out markus mehr if you're into that, another great ambient artist


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