Memoryhouse - The Years EP (Sub Pop)

This is something worth taking 19 minutes out of your day to listen to. Memoryhouse are a duo from Toronto, consisting of Evan Abeele (composer) and Denise Nouvion (vocals). They originally self-released most of these songs in 2010 on digital only. Those songs are now getting CD and LP treatment, with a couple of extra tracks added, and everything re-recorded/mixed/mastered from scratch. And of course the considerable support of Sub Pop. What you have below is fairly unusual - the whole EP, as a stream with accompanying film. I'd say it's dream pop, but whatever you want to call it, it's intoxicating stuff. That word isn't out of place actually because there's a certain narcotic quality to it that you wouldn't be wrong in associating with a Panda Bear or a Beach House. There's more of an ambient drift underneath this, mind you. I just feel like lying down really and letting its reverbed gorgeousness wash over me all day. At the risk of overdosing your senses, the visuals by Jamie Harley perfectly capture the dizzy and pleasurably disorientating atmosphere of it all.

The Years (Full EP Stream) from Memoryhouse on Vimeo.

You can compare the earlier recording of the material via this video for Lately.

Memoryhouse // "Lately" from Church and Steak on Vimeo.

And here's a separate stand-alone video for the track Quiet America.

Quiet America from Memoryhouse on Vimeo.

Interesting too to read about the Virginia Woolf influence, on the band's website here.

More literature in pop music, we say.


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