(The) Caseworker Interview

We had a couple of excerpts on the show this week of an interview with Conor Devlin of dream-pop trio (The) Caseworker. (Notice I haven't specified where they're from, because it's hard to say exactly, being that each member is resident in a different part of the world. You could argue their spiritual home is the U.S. west coast, where at least two of the band were based for a good number of years, due to a certain burnished guitar sound, although they are from Dublin originally.) You can listen to the whole interview now here, in which Conor talks about...

...listening to Radio Luxembourg on Tuesdays as a child, older sisters with Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd records, travel, Pro Tools, Ethiopian athlete Miruts Yifter, the process of making music together/apart in the internet age, the love of 7-inch vinyl, The Undertones, random brackets, ska, late Byrds, a West Coast Sound, and more.

It's interesting, at a time when Irish people are leaving the motherland in their enforced droves, to hear of a band that developed through chosen emigration from Ireland, at a time of relative prosperity in the mid-1990's. After an initial slowcore phase, they have now released four albums as (The) Caseworker, including the new album Letters from the coast on Hidden Shoal. That's quite the antithesis of the X-Factor, or even meat-and-potatoes indie band, arc. It does the heart good to see that kind of conviction and stamina - not to mention pop music of a mature, sinewy character - out in the world. And of course, we're always partial to a bit of dream-pop around here, especially of this quality.


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