Nat King Cole - Nature boy

We mentioned an album last month, the great Eden's Island by Eden Ahbez, which has been re-issued on Trunk Records. First of all, you need to hear that. But secondly, it made me think again about another Eden Ahbez song, Nature boy, which was made famous by Nat King Cole. Here's some footage of the Nat trio doing a version, very close to the recorded one. The date isn't given but I'd guess it's around 1948 or so, when the song was a hit.

That's one of the high water marks in pop music history, hands down. I went through a period, some years ago, of being quite obsessed with the tune, but I haven't listened to it in too long (my CD copy went astray). It's great to hear it again. Plus Nat could play one mean piano, in fairness.


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