Emphemetry - A lullaby hum for tired streets (Time Travel Opps)

Another beauty from last month's list.

Emphemetry - A lullaby hum for tired streets (Time Travel Opps)

A beautiful album alternating between ambient instrumentals and heartfelt folk songs with avant-garde leanings, from Derby's Richard Birkin. He describes the album himself as a "time travel fancy" and it comes across a bit like a love poem to his home city. After Catalunya is a sleepy wash of rumbles and drones punctuated with guitar harmonics. The sound of traffic in the rain opens Every other second day, a drunken keyboard waltz with distorted vocal takes over, before a low-key trumpet duet to finish. Five fields has a gorgeous fingerpicked guitar pattern with string accompaniment. Emilelodie is an elegant and arresting piano instrumental eventually submerged under an intriguing wave of static (the piece fits easily into the post-classical camp and in fact Nils Frahm crops up here on production and mixing duties). The overall effect is to put a sense of wonder back into the everyday. Everybody needs time travel like this. Beguiling.
*By the way, you can name your price for the album on the link below. I suggest you do so; the eight-page, hand-sewn booklet is also a thing of beauty.



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