Patrick Kelleher/School Tour split cassette double EP (CF Records)

Been enjoying this new split release cassette (that's right) lately on
Cass/Flick Records. The first half has unearthly, megaphone vocals, sparse drum machines and at least one piece of movie dialogue. The second half swings between dancing tunes, with very pleasing, building synth arrangements, and ambient drones (including seagulls). Overall, you could say goth-electro - as a description, it's grossly inadequate but I'm a sucker for labels. Have a listen to one of the Patrick Kelleher tracks here.

This Room by Patrick Kelleher

And the entire School Tour side is for listening here.

School Tour/Patrick Kelleher Split by School Tour

My favourite track from the EP, The last exit west, is included in there as a free download you'll notice. I had it in my picks for last month, as follows:

School Tour - The last exit west (Cass/Flick, from a split release cassette with Patrick Kelleher)
Fascinating goth-electro workout from the Dublin artist, culminating in a great distressed synth riff. The voice sounds a little bit like Gary Numan in a flotation tank. The track finishes with massed church organs. These things are good.

In case you didn't know, these people are also involved in a collective called Children Under Hoof. They released a great mini-album last year which you can download for free here.

Here's what I made of it at the time:

Children Under Hoof - A collar can become a noose (self-released) (mini-album)

Terrific and enticing taster, ahead of upcoming full-length release, from Irish collective. Many shades of krautrock are accommodated, from ambient smears to jam-room improv, motorik grooves to field recordings and tape manipulations. Live-sounding drums lend a pleasingly organic atmosphere to proceedings. Entropy begins with birdsong, before a chugging pulse appears on top of a tribal rhythm, shadowed by clouds of mid-range synths. A male-voice recitation of some airborne hallucination emerges from the mist, surrounded by whirling whoops and rattles, until rest arrives. It's quite beautiful.

And you'll also find them cropping up on this blog, Pascal's Country Sounds. They do things like put together mixtapes and they're into film music. At least two reasons I like them.


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