Connan Mockasin - Forever dolphin love (Because Music)

Connan Mockasin - Forever dolphin love (Full length original) (Because Music, single)

A genuinely mind-bending and envelope-pushing addition to the canon of surreal New Zealand pop. Atonal piano string arpeggios, followed by the fusion of several high-pitched synth drones, before falling away to be replaced by jam-room bass and drums introducing some lovely woozy guitars. That's just the prelude. At that point the tune kicks in with underwater atmospherics around a chillout drumbeat and high tone bass sound. Plus the vocal has an outer space character as befitting a lyric about inter-species amour. It sounds ridiculous on paper but believe me it's completely convincing in the flesh. It's intriguing, slightly haunting and makes you want to press play again and again.
(Stay around for the full 10-minutes of very strange theatre below.)

*As for the rest of the album, experimentation is never for its own sake or at the expense of catchy hooks. For example, the sublime trumpet outro of It's choade my dear, the woozy bossa nova guitar of Faking jazz together. Or take a cruise to the south seas in the shape of Quadropuss Island, with a house band consisting of xylophone, tremolo guitar and shakers. It's all quite strange and very, very wonderful.


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