Grimes - Halfaxa (Lo Recordings)

Just to double up a little bit, I'm posting a few of the March monthly picks in their own right. This is one record (CD in fact) on heavy rotation around at UOH HQ lately. Check it out.

Grimes - Halfaxa (Lo Recordings)
Meet Claire Boucher from Montreal, who has produced a fascinating, impossible-to-pigeonhole album. The constant features are haunting vocals - layered, filtered, and antique sounding, calling to mind Liz Frasier or Kate Bush in places - and sparse drum machine+synth backing. The overall effect is of a wide-ranging and completely "other" soundworld. From the de-constructed R 'n B ballad Heartbeats, to the ghostly-lament-masquerading-as-dance-pop of sagrad, the deliriously shoegazey Devon, and the ukulele stomp of Favriel. Be prepared for a trip. An album to treasure.

Grimes performs at Gorilla Vs Bear / Mexican Summer party, SXSW '11 from on Vimeo.

Playing Whelan's Upstairs, Dublin, May 15th


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