Josh T. Pearson - Woman, when I've raised hell

Another one of March's favourites in the UOH cabin.

Josh T. Pearson - Woman, when I've raised hell (Mute, from the album Last of the country gentlemen)

Thoroughly outstanding centrepiece from the Texan's, ex-Lift to Experience frontman's, new album. From the gripping opening line, "Woman, when I've raised hell, you're gonna know it", you will be captivated by the wonderfully slurred delivery for the full 7 minutes. That's without mentioning the heartrending violin backing of Warren Ellis (and others) and the completely convincing dirty realist imagery - "Don't make me rule this home with the back of my hand", "Let me quietly drink myself to sleep". In a way, it's amazing how much drama can be wrought out of a sparse acoustic guitar, a vocal and some strings. I've listened to it about 20 times and it still sounds new every time. However you cut it, it's a compelling masterpiece.

Playing Crane Lane Theatre, Cork, May 1st, and other dates


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