My Brightest Diamond + Pepe Deluxé

A few things of note on the Asthmatic Kitty front. First a new video from the great Shara Worden, that is My Brightest Diamond, taken from the current album All things will unwind (you'll find other Diamond-related info here and here). At the risk of sounding churlish, I must admit this video gives me a bit of a rash - it's just sooo right-on. However, it's chamber pop, people, and we have religious obligations around here about catchy, effervescent pop tunes played on orchestral instruments.

My Brightest Diamond - ALL THINGS WILL UNWIND: High Low Middle from Asthmatic Kitty on Vimeo.

And next to something so bonkers, it makes Gruff Rhys look staid and conformist (which he's not, at all). The name of the group is Pepe Deluxé, new to me. Have a read of this first.

This is the first ever composition for The Great Stalacpipe Organ, the largest musical instrument in the world, located deep in the caverns of Luray, Virginia. The Organ consists of hand-tuned ancient stalactites of varying sizes that are hit with solenoid-actuated rubber mallets. The mallets are controlled by a custom made pipe organ console. It took us over six years of research and planning so you could enjoy these two minutes of unique sounds in the comfort of your dry, warm home.

"In the Cave" is part of the esoteric pop opera album "Queen of the Wave", released in January 2012.

Isn't it beautiful? Personally, I'd like to know more about what exactly they spent those six years doing (and how do you tune a stalactite?), but I'll settle for hearing the gorgeous, musical results. Here's what the actual ice structures look like, by the way. Pretty strange and wonderful.

"Esoteric pop opera", you say. Colour me fascinated. And by coincidence, another track from the band is here. I feel myself duty-bound to reprint this description -

sounds like the theme from “Thunderbirds” meets a Samurai playing surf music

If, like me, you find that ticks all the necessary boxes when it comes to pop music, look no further than this link. Download it now, play it loud through large speakers in public and let's change the world kids.

Pepe Deluxé, "The Storm" by asthmatickitty


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