Weird World announce Peaking Lights signing

You might have come across the Domino imprint Weird World. Set up this year, they've already released a couple of impressive records by Smith Westerns and Washed Out. Now they've announced the signing of US west coast husband and wife duo Peaking Lights. Their 936 album gets its first full European release later this week (it came out previously on Not Not Fun in the US). And their new album is due out in the spring. From 936, here's the great All the sun that shines, which, with its cavernous reverb and deep sea bass, is the perfect soundtrack music for any number of nocturnal activities.

All The Sun That Shines by Peaking Lights

Aaran Coyes and Indra Dunis are their names - that's them in the very-un-rock-n-roll-but-so-very-rock-n-roll photo above, with their new baby Mikko. Aaron had this to say about the new album - I feel the need to reprint all of it.

“The songs that we've been working on have been very groovy and psyched out, foraging deeper into new rhythm techniques and territories, smoother bass lines w/ a heavy dub influence looking outward to private press boogie records, african & latin rhythms and tranced vibrations of the most killer all nite party you've never been to: less cocaine, more weed, a sustained orgasm, maintaining 100% creative control, late hot summer nights, come down chill room and low lit zone, lazer light show, smoke machines, being naked and watching the sun rise. This has been inspired by a long wild ride of a year with the birth of our son Mikko Lorenzo Dunis Coyes being at the helm of inspiration. We're working on moving in new directions, there's a lot of things we'll never give up in our passion for making killer chunes but the birth of our son has been an eye opening event to infinite possibilities...”

Brilliant. It sold me anyway. They've also dug into their record collections to put together this fascinating mixtape of global grooves and stuff. There's no setlist so your guess is as good as mine (or better) as to who the artists are but suffice to say it's pretty primal and essential-sounding. Infinite possibilities is right.

MIXXED-UP by Peaking Lights


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