Future Islands, new video

What better way to start a new week than with some new music from Future Islands, from their their new album On the water which is coming out on Thrill Jockey in October. The words "eagerly" and "anticipated" spring to mind and proceed to rub up against each other. Woo-hoo. We thought this last year about their debut album.

Future Islands - In evening air (Thrill Jockey)
Credit to Grand Snr for mentioning this in dispatches some months back. You could call it electro-pop. Of the highest order. Bracing synth patterns, pounding basslines and insinuating vocals from Sam Herring (who bears an unexpected and uncanny resemblance to early Tom Waits in places). For example, the innovative steel drum sample on Tin man. Repetitive in the best possible way, like all great dance music. Infectious and impossible not to love.

*Incidentally, their new EP Undressed is an acoustic affair featuring piano at the core and, with added cello, is equally compelling.

This new tune has another irresistible lizard-like bassline and more heart-melting melodies. The vocal growl is dialled down slightly, to "tender". It's still great.

Future Islands - Balance by thrilljockey

The video by Jay Buim has the ocean, two kids on the road and a fairground at night. It all makes sense with the music, really.

Future Islands - Balance from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

For no other reason than it's one of my favourite songs ever, let's have this too, same director. Jesus, it makes me all weak.


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