Next Stop: Horizon - Wild escape (Tapete Records)

Next Stop: Horizon are Par Hagstrom and Jenny Roos from Gothenberg in Sweden, whose new album, We know exactly where we are going, comes out next month on German label Tapete. I haven't listened to the album through yet but here's what I know about the band based on their new video that just fell into my lap. It sounds a little bit like Tom Waits from around Swordfishtrombones (which is to say that you would think Kurt Weill is also an influence), only much more optimistic. It features an irresistible, sprinting (as opposed to walking) double bassline. It sounds like everyone involved is having a really good time. Along with the prominent bass, brushed drums and a driving piano, the song also includes many oblique bangs, clatters and squeaks. Have a listen here, it'll do you good.

As a further taster for the album, here's a particularly rowdy live performance of another album track from last year. It features a woman (the aforementioned Jenny) playing drums standing up and singing through a megaphone, two things that should be treasured in this world.

*And for good measure, they are giving away the sweet and intriguing opening track from the album, right here. It's full of twinkling glockenspiels and plucked strings, check it out.

Next Stop: Horizon - Iron Train by Tapete Records


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