Yann Tiersen - Monuments (Mute, single)

This is lovely, the new single from Tiersen's 7th album Skyline, which comes out on Mute later this autumn. A delicately plucked acoustic guitar, twinkling vibes, a military drumbeat, then accordions and tumbling backing vocals, and later a haze of cascading guitars and vintage synths (something in it for Animal Collective fans, I would have said). And the two-sided, salutary/hopeful lyric

"All monuments of men, they're sinking in vain
Tiny moments of mine, they're floating in space

We could call it chamber-folk, but let's just enjoy it for the dreamy magic it is. The miniaturist video by Ivan Rusev is great too.

As well as several UK dates in October, Yann Tiersen also plays at Jeff Mangum's ATP in December


  1. B E A U T I F U L....and sad :|

  2. Awesome track!
    Especially those figures and there deeper meaning are well done.

  3. it's a real grower alright
    sad but uplifting i think
    if you like that, check fredo viola as well


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