Rachael Dadd - New single and album

You may remember Rachael Dadd from this post about her new single a couple of weeks ago. Well there's a video for the A-side Balloon now, which features creeping moustaches, fruit and a turntable in a thoroughly charming stop-motion animation.

It'll certainly appeal to anyone into Lisa Hannigan, for example, but I'd venture to suggest there's more depth to it than that.

And as if you weren't in a good enough mood after that, here's another miniature stop-motion classic showing Rachael turning her hand to art design, badge-making and all sorts. With the lovely Balloon playing in the background again.

I don't know about you, but that makes me go, "I need to get my hands on that"...It's out on August 15th on Broken Sound, along with her album Bite the mountain, which we will speak about again, I'm pretty sure.


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