Scott Solter - The great cold (Hidden Shoal)

More new music from the Hidden Shoal label from Perth. It's the lead track from American producer Scott Solter's new release, One river. You may already know Scott's name as one half of experimental pop duo Boxharp (who we are very fond of around here), aswell as producer/recordist/mixer/remixer for the likes of St Vincent, Superchunk, Neon Indian, John Vanderslice and The Mountain Goats, among others. This piece has the air of a serious ambient work, channelling both inner and outer space. Gravitas would be a word. I'll leave it to the label for a more detailed description.

'The Great Cold' Is an invigorating five-minute immersal into one of the seven gorgeous flowing passages that comprise One River. Chilly, gaseous tones swell and recede, all the while shadowed by a ghostly high note. The icy stillness is occasionally punctuated by a discreet found sound, which acts as a kind of pivot point between focus and diffusion. Solter creates an unforgettable atmosphere, which becomes all the more moving when experienced as part of the complete album.

Scott Solter - 'The Great Cold' by Hidden Shoal

Here's the accompanying video, made by Mark and Laura Solter, which is a brooding triumph of close focus and micro-imagery.

You can download the track and video on this link. The album comes out at the end of September.


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