BLK w/BEAR - Sorry about your (remixes) (Front & Follow)

Speaking of labels we love, here's another one. Next month, Manchester's Front & Follow release a series of remixes by BLK w/BEAR (pronounced black with bear, based in Washington D.C.) of a previous F&F release by Yonokiero, Blue apples. I haven't heard the original, but the re-workings are fascinating miniature soundworlds. Casey Jnr, for example, features a clarinet prominently above an oscillating cello loop. Sumimasen creates a slow, subterranean atmosphere with static noise, an electronic hum and what sounds like morse code sampled, with a haunting, melancholy female vocal. Listen here.

BLK w/BEAR - Sorry about your (remixes) by frontandfollow

In addition, the band's live video mixer Renee Shaw has made a film to accompany Casey Jnr. It's suitably dreamlike with melting frames and multiple superimpositions. There's also a giant rabbit and a ferris wheel involved. It's intriguing and I like it a lot.


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