(The) Caseworker - National runner (Hidden Shoal, single)

Jesus, the great music just keeps piling in this month. (Is it the pollen or what?) This is a new single from (The) Caseworker on another one of our favourite labels here at UOH, the Perth-based Hidden Shoal. First things first, we like a band with brackets (parentheses, if you prefer - see what I did there). And the song is about the Ethiopian long-distance runner Miruts Yifter, which I think I'm safe in saying makes it unique in pop music. The press release describes the sound as the "Velvet Underground reared on the Flying Nun label", which is a lovely idea and I wouldn't argue. There is definitely a drone rock foundation but my first thought was The Byrds I must say, in terms of the dynamics of the twin chiming guitars. There's also a beautiful shoegazey feel off the chorus, with a wash of fuzz and banks of backing vocals. Take a minute.

[The] Caseworker - 'National Runner' by Hidden Shoal

Nice eh? Play it again, it gets better every time I've found. Then out of the blue comes the news that they're actually Irish, Conor and Eimer Devlin. New names on me but it seems they relocated to San Francisco some years ago. Ah yes, that West Coast sound.

Get the single for keeps on this link and stay tuned for their upcoming new album.



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